Faculty Resources


Assistance Needed Staff Resource Contact Info
Pay for Memberships & Journal Subscriptions Your Faculty Assistant
Reimbursement for research-related purchases or hosting visiting scholars Your Faculty Assistant
Faculty Travel Approval (ETRF funded) Baiba Hicks Baiba.hicks@law.utah.edu or Room 213. Phone: -15464
Faculty Travel Coordination and Reimbursement Your Faculty Assistant
Competition Travel  Coordination [Regular] Faculty/Students Emily Aplin Emily.aplin@law.utah.edu or Room 216. Phone: -15237
Competition Travel Coordination [Clinical] Faculty/Students + Moot and Trial Ad Suzanne FaddisKaren Fuller Suzanne.faddis@law.utah.edu or Room 212. Phone: -13999
Karen.fuller@law.utah.edu or
Room 216. Phone – 14463
Guest Speakers Travel Coordination Miriam Lovin Miriam.lovin@law.utah.edu or Room 112a. Phone: -53479
Payroll Questions Virginia Beane Virginia.beane@law.utah.edu or Room 112f Phone: -13738
Troubleshoot problems with Office Desktop Printer Your Faculty Assistant will contact Point of Service Rep or IT based on problem
Troubleshoot problems with big printer in 217 or 116 Your Faculty Assistant, or Maura Fowler or Katie Bushman maura.fowler@law.utah.edu or katherine.bushman@law.utah.edu
Customer Service Needs (includes computer problems) SOS (Service on Site) helpme@law.utah.edu;

Urgent computer problems: 801-410-7905

Facilities problems David Silva david.silva@law.utah.edu
Room 112. Phone: -14484
Phone problems David Silva – start here – he may refer you to IT or central campus phones, depending on problem david.silva@law.utah.edu

Room 112. Phone: -14484

Updates to faculty webpage Valeri Craigle Valeri.craigle@law.utah.edu
Upload articles to SSRN Valeri Craigle Valeri.craigle@law.utah.edu
Submit articles to Expresso or Scholastica Contact Baiba for how-to baiba.hicks@law.utah.edu
Copyright permissions Faculty assistant will consult library liaison if needed; then process paperwork