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0FacultyRinehart, AmeliaProfessorContracts, Intellectual Property, Patent
0FacultyHwang, CathyAssociate ProfessorBusiness, Contracts, Corporate Governance, Corporate Law, Law and Economics, Securities, Taxation
0FacultyPeterson, ChristopherProfessorBanking and Finance, Commercial Law, Contracts, Public Policy
0FacultyThreedy, DeboraProfessorCommercial Law, Contracts, Remedies
0FacultyKogan, TerryProfessorContracts, Copyright, Gender, Patent, Trademark, Trusts and Estates

News and Events

Hollywood Insiders to Reveal Inner Workings of Film Biz and Law at Oct. 25 Seminar

Since the earliest days of cinema, Hollywood has come to Utah for its scenery. The dramatic buttes of Monument Valley have been favored backdrops for iconic westerns. The sylvan mountain valleys have “stood in” for locales from Switzerland to Colorado, and the eerily empty Salt Flats have approximated locations ranging from airless Mars to a […]

Blending the First-Year Legal Classroom

Just posted a new blog at the Law School Ed Tech blog.  Today’s post is about flipping a first-year class, Contracts, by using online multimedia articles. With all the talk about blended learning, flipped classrooms, and the like, we wanted to visualize what that might look like in the legal classroom, but first lets take […]