Etiquette Corner-Attending a PDO Panel

PDO really appreciates the enthusiasm and participation at our events so far this year.  We are open to suggestions for new topics or improvements.  You can either email or leave us a note in the PDO mailbox in the main office, if you would rather be anonymous.

1. Please RSVP, and mark your calendar.

PDO typically requires RSVP’s for its events, so we can monitor interest and plan for food.  Please RSVP for our events (usually via a google link), and then note them on your calendar.  We may send reminder emails, but you should be keeping and marking your own calendar.   If you know you will be unable to attend something, let us know via email.  Please keep in mind, if you RSVP for a limited space event you need to give us sufficient time to find a replacement student.  Don’t be the reason a classmate wasn’t able to meet with an attorney.

2. Understand that the food will vary.

Please be aware that food at our events will vary—it may be pizza, bagels & cream cheese, hummus and vegetables (we try to be healthy sometimes—for your benefit), or something else.  It is not always a full buffet lunch. 

3. Don’t leave early.  Most lunchtime panels run from 12:15 until 1:15, allowing around 15 minutes for students to have a quick break before afternoon classes begin.  Don’t leave early unless you are ill or there is an emergency.  It is less than professional, and cheats you yourself of the chance to chat with panelists at the end.  It is also disruptive for the panelists who have taken the time to travel to the school to help you.  If you must leave early—let PDO know.  If you must leave early due to an emergency, try to do so quietly.  

4. Be respectful.  Try to have good eye contact with the speakers rather than staring at your laptops, etc., during a presentation or whispering to a neighbor.  Please give our panelists the courtesy of your attention.  They love to come up to see you, and will appreciate and remember those who act like professionals.