Do You Apply to OCI if You Want an Offer from your Current Employer?

1.) Evaluate whether you think you want an offer from this employer.  For most 3L’s, the answer is probably yes.  If you are a 3L and you aren’t sure about whether you want an offer, call PDO to discuss your concerns.  For 2L’s, you may love your current employer but be unsure about whether you want to stay for another summer—or you may want to split the next summer with an employer in a different city.  Contact PDO for counseling if you don’t know, or if you think you might want to explore other options.

2.) If you decide you want and would be eager to accept an offer from your current employer, begin a dialogue about your this desire and the employer’s traditional time frame for making offers.  From trusted colleagues, mentors, and in review any formal processes, try to get feedback on how you are doing. If you are comfortable with your mentor/supervisor, begin a conversation about when the employer traditionally makes offer determinations and how that is done.  That can be a jumping off point for you to express how much you are enjoying the work, the people, and how honored you would be to get an offer.  At the same time, you can discuss with your supervisor that there are OCI deadlines and which any require you may have to put in a few applications just to make sure you don’t miss deadlines.  Any larger employer has likely heard this before and should understand.  If you are certain about wanting to work for this employer, you can tell them that you would be happy to withdraw all those applications if you were lucky enough to receive an offer from them.  

3.) If you decide that you want to interview with other employers, or want to reserve that as a possibility, do not fail to get your applications in by July 26.  If you don’t know for certain that you want to forgo interviews with other employers, you should put in applications to other employers.