Director’s Tip: Double Check Your Resume

Recently, an alum and hiring attorney contacted me to let me know about a few issues he saw in student resumes he was reviewing for an open position. Here are a few tips he has for current law students.

1. Typos. Double check for typos. Have someone else proofread it as well.

2. Grades. Do not round up your GPA. Make sure the GPA you include on your resume matches the one on your transcript! If for some reason they don’t match, come see PDO to discuss it.

3. Follow the Legal Resume Format. As a student, you should generally follow the one-page legal resume format you learned about as a 1L. If you need a refresher or if you transferred from another school, you should check the handouts on Symplicity in the Document Library—or come see Jaclyn or Anneliese. There is a lot more leeway after you graduate to change things up and go beyond one page. Right now, there probably isn’t a good reason to do so.