Director’s Tip: Create Connections!

Taking the time to create connections will pay off in the highly competitive job market. As Charlotte Wagner (NALP President) recently said, “Connect people to each other and in the process your own career will flourish.” Think of the people you know in firms, companies and organizations as if they are living in different neighborhoods and it is your job to introduce them to each other. Do you know someone in the business world who would benefit from meeting an attorney? Do you know an attorney who would enjoy meeting with the leader of non-profit? Connect these people to one another.  Do it because you believe that new relationships lead to new and remarkable things. When you foster a community (involving yourself) where others expand and grow in their personal and professional lives, your career will reap the benefits.  As Ms. Wagner put it, “People who are the endorsers and connectors are also the beneficiaries of the trust they create and bestow on others.”