Utah Journal of Family Law Clinic

Utah Journal of Family Law Clinic

Available to:  2nd and 3rd year students

Utah Journal of Family Law Clinic Guidelines

Clinic forms for students

 The Utah Journal of Family Law Clinic enables students to work with article authors and journal editors to produce the Utah Journal of Family Law, a biannual publication of the Family Law Section of the Utah Bar Association.  Tasks will include research, writing, editing, and copy work.  Opportunities for publication of student-authored scholarship and/or co-authorship may be available.

Prerequisite: Although there is no co- or pre-requisite, students who have previously taken or are enrolled in LAW 7074 Family Law, or who otherwise demonstrate knowledge and experience related to family law, will be given preference.

Placement: (1 cr., P/F, every semester, up to 3 cr. per academic year).  Credits depend upon the nature of the student’s work and in consultation with the advisors.  Selection required.

Faculty: Professors Laura Kessler and Linda F. Smith

Registration & Placement: To enroll in the clinic, students must complete the Clinical Program Application Form and submit it with their résumé and statement of interest.

LAW 7885-001: Utah J Family L Clinic                                Every Semester (1 credit)