SXSWedu Blog: The takeaways

So, I must say that the entirety of SXSW is an interesting experience.  Never have I seen so many passionate, involved, like-minded people in one space before… and it only got better when the main SXSW conference started. I tried to make a habit of writing a blog post after each presentation I sat through, […]

SXSWedu Blog: The Science of Learning

Note: I’m currently attending SXSWEdu in Austin, Texas.  Legal education (and education in general) needs turn to others to find out the best way we can create successful learners.  This conference is bringing together educators from all walks of life and encouraging trading and sharing of ideas and methods.  I thought a good way for […]

Materials in motion: Exploring the use of animation in learning

By Aaron J. Dewald for the Center for Innovation in Legal Education Blog. A year or so ago, a discussion on Teknoids had started about what defines a video. It was inferred that something needed to move to constitute a video. Do narrated slide shows from Keynote, PowerPoint, etcetera constitute videos? Legal education is going through […]

Dewald Blended Learning Tips Quoted in Harvard Law Blog

Aaron Dewald, Associate Director of the Center for Innovation in Legal Education at the University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law, presented a cognitive approach to blended learning in legal education at the 2014 CALI Conference (Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction). To read the blog click here.

Dewald to Present at Syracuse on Blended Learning in the Law School Classroom

Aaron Dewald, Associate Director of the Center for Innovation in Legal Education (CILE) at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, will present two panels at Syracuse University on May 6. He describes his presentation as an “extended faculty workshop” about all things that factor into blended learning, “flipped classrooms,” and active learning/simulations. Dewald […]

We’re Not Teaching What We Think We Are

There are many criticisms that could be, and have been, made about legal education.This blog post, will concentrate on one criticism of the traditional doctrinal class and discuss ways to address it. The focus of this post is on the fundamental disconnect between what we teach and what we test in legal education.

Improving Presentations with Learning Science

What kind of things should we consider when designing presentations for a learning environment? This blog post aims to link learning science theories with presentation development, and offers some practical applications that can improve the way we communicate learning information to students.

So you’d like to flip a class…

Update: For those of you who attended the ILTL Conference, and are looking for the files we used in our demo, you can find the scripts: GoodScript and NotAsGoodScript, the segments: GoodSegmented and NotAsGoodSegmented, and the slides: GoodSlides and NotAsGoodSlides, and the final presentation and video. If you’re reading this, you’re at least entertaining the thought of flipping a class, or maybe you’re sold […]

Five things I learned at the Reinvent Law Conference in Silicon Valley

by Aaron Dewald (@drtriathlon) “The future is already here.” This was the general idea that I got when I attended the first Silicon Valley Reinvent Law conference. I flew out to Mountain View with the director of marketing at the College of Law, Dana Wilson, to check out the conference. Since we’ve started the Center for Innovation in […]

Blending the First-Year Legal Classroom

Just posted a new blog at the Law School Ed Tech blog.  Today’s post is about flipping a first-year class, Contracts, by using online multimedia articles. With all the talk about blended learning, flipped classrooms, and the like, we wanted to visualize what that might look like in the legal classroom, but first lets take […]