Career Fair January 14

On January 14, come dressed in your professional best and prepared to network at the Career Fair hosted by the PDO office.  As of this writing, there are representatives from 26 organizations attending, including attorneys from firms, public interest organizations, and government sectors.  Here’s a list of organizations attending the event, the representatives, and their websites.  The map showing where each organization’s table will be located (subject to change).  In these uncertain economic times, it is more important than ever to meet potential employers and gather information about a variety of career paths.  Please review the information below to prepare for the event, which will be held from 3-4:30 in the foyer:

Professional attire:  For men – Suits, or tie and buttoned-down shirt.  For women – Suit or your most professional outfit.

Business cards: Bring them, and offer them to employers as it seems appropriate to you!  It is an easy way for the employer to remember you.

Résumés, on good quality paper (the copy center has bond paper).  Not everyone will want them, but bring 10-15 copies.  If you don’t use them at the Career Fair, send them out as part of application packets.

Research employers ahead of time.  Find out primary practice areas, firm size, etc.  This information is usually on the websites.

Prepare questions to ask the employers.

Demeanor:  Be pleasant and attentive to the speaker.  Smile, shake hands firmly (not vise grip and not limp), nod, and make eye contact!  Thank them for their time.  Be courteous to your fellow students by not monopolizing an employer.

Be sensitive towards guests with varying levels of physical ability.