Business Cards

It’s the time of year to order business cards, especially if you are a 1L.   This is your only chance to order business cards through Alphagraphics this year. PDO recommends that you order business cards, whether through Alphagraphics or on your own—although the decision is yours.  We advise that you run the copy by PDO before ordering from another vendor as we’ve seen some strange cards in the past!  For $10 (plus tax), even using your cards once with the right person will be a wise investment.

1L Students: If you plan to order through Alphagraphics and would like your business cards for the mentoring social, you must submit your order by August 5 for an August 12th delivery.  If you are unable to meet this deadline, there is another deadline of August 26th, which ensures that you will receive your business cards by September 2nd.

2L & 3L Students: If you have not ordered business cards, or if you would like to change anything on the cards you ordered your 1L year.  You must submit your order by August 5thfor an August 12th delivery date (for OCI) or August 26th for a September 2nddelivery date to the Professional Development Office. Please read the business card instructions in full to avoid having to reorder (Joint Degree Candidates, this means you).  

For detailed instructions on how to order business cards, click HERE.

Please remember that there is not a checkout option during the online ordering process and Alphagraphics will not print your cards until you have paid in full.  Cost: $10 + tax for 100; $16 + tax for 200.