Four Principles of Conflict Resolution and Collaboration

By Dan Adams for This month marks my 20th anniversary of being a mediator and facilitator! I have been pondering my career, assessing my experiences, and thinking about areas in which I want to grow and develop. I also recently had the opportunity to co-facilitate the Utah Forum on Collaboration on November 19, 2015. […]

Vermont Awaits Ruling on Whether ERISA Preempts the State’s Health Information Reporting Mandate

By Danny Barber for On December 2nd 2015, the Supreme Court heard arguments in Gobeille v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.[1] The legal issue presented by the parties was whether the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1973 (“ERISA”) preempts the state of Vermont from requiring third party administrators for self-insured ERISA plans to transmit claim […]

Civity: The Other Keystone XL Story

By Palma Strand for On November 6, 2015, President Obama endorsed a decision by the U.S. State Department that the Keystone XL Pipeline – “a pipeline that would carry Canadian crude oil through our heartland to ports in the Gulf of Mexico and out into the world market” – would not serve the national […]

Keeping Sandpoint’s Quality of Life Strong through Collaboration

By Susan Drumheller for Sandpoint is a small community in the Idaho Panhandle which, like most communities across the United States, suffered economic setbacks during the Great Recession. Then, one of Sandpoint’s largest employers, the women’s clothing company Coldwater Creek, declared bankruptcy and predictions of doom and gloom for our local economy soon followed. […]

180 Degrees: Birth Control Packaging Error Turns Life Upside Down for Plaintiffs

By Anikka Hoidal for In 2011, Qualitest, a manufacturer of generic medications, recalled a number of birth control packages after discovering a packaging error. Pills in the blister packs were rotated 180 degrees, reversing their order and putting the placebo pills where consumers typically found the hormonal pills. Birth control pills must be taken according […]

Continued Efforts Toward More Effective Healthcare

By Courtney Neves for Much has been written about the role of Accountable Care Organizations (“ACO’s”) in health care reform, but few of us have a good sense of what exactly these entities are. ACO’s are groups of doctors, hospitals, and other providers who work together to provide more efficient care to patients.[1] These organizations […]

Whiskey is for Drinking, Water is for … Mediation?

By Nathan S. Bracken, Smith Hartvigsen, PLLC, for Anyone who has ever attended a water law conference has almost certainly heard the phrase: “Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over.” The phrase is often attributed to Mark Twain and is usually accompanied by a picture of two men preparing to do battle with shovels […]

The Slippery Slope of Hobby Lobby Already at the Supreme Court’s Door

  By Kendra Brown for The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear another challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) preventive care mandate.[1] The ACA requires that employers through their healthcare plans provide at no cost the full range of FDA-approved contraceptives. In Burwell v. Hobby Lobby,[2] a closely held for profit […]

A River Between Us: Lessons in Conflict Resolution

By Jen Reynolds for  A River Between Us is a new documentary by former Oregon Senator Jason Atkinson and filmmaker Jeff Martin. (Disclosure: the University of Oregon School of Law ADR Center made a small contribution in support of post-production of the film.) The documentary provides much useful background on the Klamath restoration and, […]

There Will Be Blood

By Kylie Orme for Several weeks ago, Judge Wiggins, a circuit court judge in Marion, Alabama, sparked controversy when he told a courtroom full of offenders that if they did not have the money to pay their fines, they could go outside of the courtroom and donate blood, or go to jail. In an […]