Attorney-Student Mentor Program: Last Chance to Sign Up–Matches are Coming Soon!

Who can participate in the Attorney-Student Mentor Program?  Any S.J. Quinney law student.  You must fill out a form (you can get it from PDO) and return it to PDO by Friday, September 24, at noon.

What’s involved?  Students and attorneys will be matched in the next few weeks, using student and attorney questionnaires.  During the school year, mentor pairs will meet at least 1-2 times individually.  Mentors will also be available to their mentee by phone call or email throughout the school year.  In the spring, students and attorneys can attend a networking social.

What are the benefits for students?  The mentor relationship is a result of efforts on both sides of the relationship.  Networking is an obvious result, not only with the mentor, but with other attorneys and fellow students that you will meet at the beginning and end-of-year socials.  Students can expect that their mentors will be interested in the student’s professional development and may offer guidance about career paths, work-life balance, “a day in the life” of their own jobs, etc.  The mentor/mentee relationship will be a result of the individual personalities and style of the mentor pair.  PDO is available to help students set goals for this relationship.