Army JAG Applications Due Friday January 22 – Direct Send

FAQ:  What does it mean when an OCI employer asks for a “direct send” resume collection?
Answer:  Instead of submitting your application through Symplicity, you send it (usually via email) directly to the employer. 

In this spring’s OCI, the Army JAG is is an example of  “direct send”; the Utah Attorney General’s Office is an example of a resume collection whereby you will submit your application through Symplicity just as if this employer were coming to campus to interview instead of holding interviews at their office.  Read on for information about the Army JAG applications.

Although regular spring OCI will be the last two weeks in February, Captain Sarah Rykowski  with the Army JAG will be on campus Wednesday January 27 for on-campus interviews.  If you are planning to apply, please send your resume and cover letter directly to her no later than Friday, January 22.  She will notify PDO with a list of people she will interview, and sign-ups will be in the PDO office for interview times.  For the position description, please refer to the OCI information in Symplicity.  If you are applying to the Army JAG, send your resumes/cover letters directly to Captain Rykowski now!

These interviews are not for informational purposes, but will become part of your JAG application file. However, Capt. Rykowski will also be conducting an information session on January 27 for students who are not interested in applying for a JAG position now but would like to consider it as an option in the future.