Applying to IP Firms/List of Utah IP Firms

If you are a 1L student interested in the Intellectual Property sector, did you know that IP-focused employers expect to receive applications for summer clerk jobs in early December?  (Even before your first semester grades are available!)

Large IP firms will expect to see your application as soon as possible after December 1. You can get recruiting contact information on the firm’s websites, or from the Law Firm Lists in Symplicity’s Document Library. Please meet with Anneliese or Jaclyn for your initial counseling appointment and résumé review as soon as possible if you plan to send out applications on December 1 (weekly counseling availability will generally appear on Friday night in Symplicity).

At the end of this article is a list of local firms which practice primarily IP work or have dedicated IP sections.   Keep in mind that many other larger firms have some sort of IP practice, but do not consider themselves to be an “IP firm,” and applying in December is probably unnecessary.  Remember to check Symplicity from time to time, as IP jobs are sometimes posted on the PDO job board.

Local Focused Primarily on IP

Austin Rapp & Hardman—

Baker and Associates —

Bateman IP Group –

Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione (apply to recruiting contact in Chicago) —

Clayton Howarth & Cannon, PC —

Kunzler, Needham, Massey & Thorpe —

Maschoff Brennan –

Morriss O’Bryant Compagni-

Pate Pierce & Baird–

Patent Law Works —

Stoel Rives, LLP – www.

Thorpe North & Western –

TraskBritt, PC —

Wilson Ham & Holman —

Workman Nydegger   –

Utah Multi-Practice Firm with IP Groups (some are more into IP than others):

Kirton McConkie  –

Ray Quinney & Nebeker—

Parsons Behle & Latimer —

Holland & Hart —

Durham Jones & Pinegar –

Ballard Spahr —

Jones Waldo –


Snow Christensen & Martineau —

Clyde Snow & Sessions —