Application Period for On-Campus Interviews Starts Friday, January 21!

Spring Recruiting officially begins on Friday!  You can apply to the employers collecting applications through Symplicity during the application period January 21 through January 27 at 5:00 p.m.  Keep in mind that is a very firm deadline.  This means that applying at 5:05 p.m. will not work.

1.  Review the dates for applications and interviewing

2.  Next, to see which employers coming for Spring Recruiting, log on to Symplicity and go to the OCI tab.  There, make sure the drop down menu is on Spring OCI 2011.  When it is, you will see the employers who are accepting applications from your class.  If you are a 2L or 3L, you may not see many employers seeking applications from your class at this time.

3.  Review the materials which each employer requires by clicking on the “review” button to the left of employer name and then looking at the documents identified in the “Bid Application Details” and job posting information.  Some employers, but not others, may require references, writing samples, and/or transcripts.

4.  Research the employers who are seeking applications, so you can prepare a customized cover letter. Also, you may want to attend the informal “Group Counseling” that PDO will hold on Friday at noon in Borchard.  To attend, however, you must email a question to Anneliese by Friday at 9 am so we can tailor the session to be most useful.

5.  Prepare your application materials for each employer, and apply to the employers as instructed in Symplicity.  Symplicity will allow you to house only 10 documents at a time, so you will likely keep your default résumé, transcript, writing sample, and perhaps references in there, then upload individual cover letters carefully as you apply to each employer (and then, after you apply, remove that cover letter so you don’t accidentally use it for the wrong employer).  Please upload word documents, which will then be converted to pdf’s in Symplicity (don’t upload pdf’s).

For more detailed Symplicity instructions, including common OCI pitfalls to avoid, click on the following link, or review the information in your PDO Handbook.