Alternative Careers Feature:Tracy Gruber, Policy Analyst, Voices for Utah Children

As part of this month’s focus on “alternative” careers, PDO is featuring interviews with alums who are in non-practicing jobs.  This week, we feature Tracy Gruber, Policy Analyst for Voices for Utah Children. This particular focus will culminate with our Lunch w/ Lawyers event (of which Tracy will be part) next Friday, October 7, from 12:15-1:15 in the Borchard Conference Room.


Tracy Gruber, Policy Analyst, Voices for Utah Children

1.) What is your job title, and how would you summarize what you do? 

I am a Policy Analyst for Voices for Utah Children, a multi-issue advocacy organization.  I lobby and perform analysis advocacy on economic, tax & budgetary policies.

2.) How did you find this job?

I became familiar with the organization through a previous career as a lobbyist for the Illinois General Assembly.  Because the organization was familiar with my professional experience as a lobbyist and advocate (as well as my experience working in the mentor program for the Utah State Bar) I was contacted when a position became available.

3.) What do you love about what you do?

I love working on important issues and with a population of people who cannot advocate for themselves.  I also find that this position has afforded me satisfying work-life balance.

4.) When you came to law school, what did you think you wanted to do?

I initially thought I’d like to practice labor law, since I worked for a public sector labor union prior to law school.  This position gave me the motivating rational to attend law school.

5.) Do you ever practice law on behalf of clients?

I do not.  However, I was recently admitted to the Utah Bar and intend to do pro bono work.

6.) How has your law degree helped you in your current position?

I became a better writer, learned how to effectively communicate and became comfortable with legalese.  I also learned how to make clear arguments in behalf of those who I represent.

7.) What advice do you have for law students? 

Make sure you diversify your law school experience.  Take a variety of classes.  Participate in clinics and pro bono opportunities.  Keep in mind that there are many legal and non-legal opportunities through which you can utilize your JD.