Advanced Degrees in Environmental/Natural Resources Law

Last Thursday, the NRLF hosted a panel which featured guests who currently practice in the areas of environmental and natural resources law: Names and employers The panelists offered advice on the benefits of complementing a J.D. with an advanced degree or further graduate training/specialization.   Below are more tips from NRLF’s panel.

  • Having an advanced degree is important in that it can help you deal with experts in specialized or technical areas of law.
  • Advanced degrees allow you to learn the language and become familiar with current and/or local issues such as land usage & water rights.  If students cannot pursue an advanced degree after completing a J.D., local attorney Liz Schulte advised students to find opportunities to keep educating themselves.
  • As panelist Lee Kapaloski says, “The “best” lawyers are well rounded lawyers,” and advanced education can help attorneys achieve this important characteristic.  The panelists also reminded students that you may not always find yourself in your dream job right after education, and that students should seek to become exposed to several practice areas in order to become more marketable.

Students were also encouraged to keep track of their friends, do good work wherever they are and find opportunities to gain additional experience through contract or pro bono work.