3L’s: What are your post-graduation plans?

Kay emailed the 3L class during fall break inquiring about their post-graduation plans/job searches.  An exciting result of the inquiry was the breaking news that 13 members of the class of 2010 have accepted judicial clerkships – congratulations if you are one of them!  While many 3L’s know their post graduate plans, many are undecided or have not received firm job offers.  Approximately 45 percent of the 3L’s have responded to our email so far.  If you have not let PDO know your plans, please email Kay at kay.shelton@law.utah.edu.  PDO  uses this information to determine how to best direct our employer outreach as well as counseling efforts.

If you are a 3L and do not have a job, please make an appointment with Kay for a resume review and to discuss your job search by emailing her at the above address or calling 801-587-8317.