Leadership Scholarship

Leadership Scholarship
Up to ten scholarships will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated leadership success. Leadership success may be demonstrated in a number of ways, such as exceptional pro bono, clinical, professional, volunteer and/or co-curricular work as well as involvement in student organizations.

Cash Award*
One Semester Tuition Benefit (if eligible)**

*Please note that students receiving merit scholarships with tuition waivers for spring semester are not eligible to receive the cash portion of the leadership awards, but unpaid,honorary awards are available for those students.**To qualify for the Tuition Benefit Program waiver, students must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits for Spring semester. If a student does not qualify for the waiver because of the credit hour requirement, the student will still receive the cash portion of the award.

The award is open to current second or third year students.

Application Requirements and Deadline
Students will be considered for these scholarships either through nominations from others (students, faculty, members of the legal community, members of the community served by the student leader) or through applications by interested students themselves. Nominations and applications should consist of a brief description of why the particular student deserves a Leadership Scholarship.

Due: Fall Semester

For Further Information
Please contact Professor Amos Guiora.