Workshop: Reading and Briefing Cases

This initial workshop is comprised of three sessions which will be held during the first two weeks of the semester as scheduled with your ASP TA.  The goal of the briefing workshop is to help students understand the first step in building a body of law for application to hypothetical questions on an exam.  Students will work with their ASP TA to extract rules, holdings and key facts from individual cases.  Students will also practice how to organize information from cases in the form of a case brief for use in class and for outlining.  Students will also briefly discuss how to synthesize cases and will apply the rules and holdings from cases to a hypothetical problem.

Specifically, students will work with their TA to accomplish the following:

  • Read two cases relevant to an issue to be studied in a doctrinal course.
  • Learn how to create context for reading cases by using course materials, hypothetical problems and secondary sources.
  • Work together to brief cases with an emphasis on identifying rules, holdings and key facts.
  • Practice synthesizing the rules and holdings of the cases in preparation for the outlining workshop.
  • Apply the rule and holdings of the cases to a short hypothetical problem.
  • Submit additional briefs to the ASP TA for individual feedback.