Workshop: Outlining

The outlining workshop is comprised of three sessions which will be held during the two to three weeks prior to fall break as scheduled with your ASP TA.  The goal of this workshop is to help students understand the next step in building a body of law for application to hypothetical problems on an exam.  Students will work with their ASP TA to gather, synthesize and organize the individual rules and holdings extracted from cases during briefing. The individual rules and holdings from cases are organized around the broader issues and rules discussed in class.  Students will understand how to create a larger, conceptual structure of the issues discussed in class to enhance their understanding of the concepts and create an outline for studying and taking the exam.

Specifically, students will work with their TA to accomplish the following:

  • The TA and students will identify a particular legal issue from a doctrinal course to outline as a group.
  • The group will gather the case briefs, notes and other materials relevant to the legal issue and organize the materials around the elements of that issue.
  • Students will work with their TA to synthesize individual rules and holdings into broader concepts and place them into an outline format.
  • Students will then submit sections of their outlines from class to their ASP TA for individual feedback.