Workshop: Exam Taking – Writing Exam Answers

This workshop is also comprised of three sessions which will be held during the two to three weeks following fall break as scheduled with your ASP TA.  The goal of the exam-writing workshop is to begin applying the body of law constructed and organized during the briefing and outlining stages to solve hypothetical problems.  Solving hypothetical problems is a common requirement of a law school exam.  Students will practice using their outlines to solve hypothetical problems by spotting the legal issues presented by the problem, locating the corresponding rules, and applying those rules using holdings from cases.  Students will also practice reasoning by analogy and structuring an exam answer around the legal issues and rules.

Specifically, students will work with their TA to accomplish the following:

  • Students will be presented with hypothetical problems relevant to the legal issues outlined in the outlining workshop.
  • Students will work with their TA to spot the relevant legal issues and locate the corresponding rules in their outlines.
  • Students will practice structuring their exam answers using IRAC or a similar structure.
  • Students will practice using the key facts from case holdings to reason by analogy or recognize distinctions between the cases and hypothetical problems.
  • Students will submit their answers to their TA for individual feedback.