Workshop: Exam Taking – Strategies and Practice Final Exams

This is a single session workshop which will be held during the last week of the semester as scheduled with your ASP TA.  The goal of this workshop is to focus on specific exam taking strategies such as time and stress management, outlining exam answers and strategies for studying during the exam period.  The TAs may also focus on how to address various types of exam questions (multiple choice, etc.) and strategies for creating flowcharts or other study aids. The TAs will also address any specific questions students have about taking exams.  This workshop will culminate with a practice final exam on the first Saturday morning following the last day of classes.  The final practice exam will give students the opportunity to take a complete exam in a simulated exam environment.  The practice exam is created by the ASP TAs and is developed to simulate a typical first year contracts or civil procedure exam.  Model answers will be provided at the end of the practice exam.