Academic Support Program

Academic Support Program

Success in law school requires students to develop the analytical skills necessary to solve specific legal problems through the application of general legal principles.

The Academic Support Program (ASP) offers students an opportunity to practice these skills in a collaborative environment with guidance and feedback from Teaching Assistants selected from the second-year class. The ASP Teaching Assistants conduct a series of Academic Support Workshops, which are available to all incoming students during the first semester of law school.

If you will be starting law school in the fall and are interested in participating in the Academic Support Workshops, please complete this registration form.  Registration will remain open through the week of “Introduction to Law for First-Year Students.” Incoming students may also benefit from reviewing some of the law school related books and resources featured in the “Study Aids & Resources” section.

In addition to the Academic Support Workshops, the ASP sponsors a series of first-semester seminars regarding study and exam taking skills, and conducts a final practice exam session at the end of fall semester. The seminars and practice exam are available to all 1Ls regardless of participation in the ASP Workshops. The ASP also offers additional, individual support for students seeking assistance with specific challenges and provides information and resources regarding bar preparation.

For more information please contact:

David Hill, Faculty Director, Academic Support Program
Barbara Dickey, Dean of Student Affairs