Public Policy Practicum

Public Policy Practicum

Civil Rights Clinic

The Public Policy Practicum provides law students with an opportunity to effect policy change through complex civil litigation, the legislative process, and community outreach. Students in the Public Policy Practicum advocate policy change on behalf of their client, the ACLU of Utah

To learn more about enrollment in the Public Policy Practicum, visit the clinical program website, or contact Kay Shelton, Associate Director, Room 185, (801) 585-7703. For more information contact us at

School-to-Prison Pipeline

Currently, the Public Policy Practicum is focused on the School to Prison Pipeline (STPP). The STPP refers to the set of policies and practices that make the criminalization and incarceration of children and youth more likely and the attainment of a high-quality education less likely. It is the emphasis of punitive consequences, student exclusion, and justice-system intervention over students’ right to an education. It is the experience of children who are funneled to the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems instead of on to higher education. And while it is affecting more students in more communities than ever before, it continues to fall hardest on students of color and students with disabilities.