S.J. Quinney College of Law

Celebrating 100 Years of
Legal Education (1913-2013)

Who is Involved?

The Simulation is collaborative exercise combining the efforts of the University of Utah, the S.J. Quinney College of Law, the Technology Department at the College of Law, the local and international community, and students.

Who Creates the Simulation?

The Simulation is written each year by students who participated in the previous simulation. These students register for the year-long Counterterrorism Simulation Design course taught by Professor Amos Guiora.

Who Produces the Simulation?

The Simulation is produced and broadcast live by the Education Technology Department at the University of Utah. The Technology Department creates and designs the Simulation website, figures out the technology used during the simulation, runs the internet broadcast of the Simulation, and makes sure that everything runs smoothly for the viewers and the participants.

Who Participates in the Simulation?

The Simulation includes a wide variety of participants. The featured players are the students, who over the semester have been discussing and researching counterterrorism policy. During the Simulation they are the stars of the show, making the decisions and choosing the outcome of the situation.

Supporting the students is the media. The media is lead by leading news reporters and incorporates journalism students from local universities and colleges who act as news and television journalists. The media social pressure similar to the real world.

Behind the scenes are the shadow players, the people that direct the students through the Simulation. Shadow players include the writers of the simulation, former simulation students, and expert players from the larger community. The shadow players guide the students through the simulation providing information and guiding the players to make decisions.