S.J. Quinney College of Law

Celebrating 100 Years of
Legal Education (1913-2013)

For Students

What does the Initiative mean to me as a student?

  • Gain experience. Volunteering through PBI will introduce you to the practice of law and through our placements you will “hands-on” experience and knowledge that will help you to become a better attorney. As you search for employment during law school, real world legal experience will set you apart from other applicants.
  • Establish a network of contacts. Volunteering introduces you to practitioners in your areas of interest who can provide references, advice, and career guidance.
  • Personal fulfillment. Thousands of low-income Utahns face legal problems without access to representation. Your volunteer efforts may prevent a client from being wrongfully evicted or help a disabled client secure benefits. Many attorneys cite pro bono cases as their most fulfilling work.
  • Explore. Volunteering provides an opportunity to explore new, unfamiliar areas of the law. Students may discover a passion for a field they had not previously considered.
  • Employment. Jobs have come through volunteering with PBI.  When you volunteer at a PBI Free Brief Advice Clinic and/or a pro bono placement–you are able to work directly under the supervision of an attorney.  They are able to help mentor and view the quality of your work. 

Contact Pro Bono at 801.581.5418 or send us a message you have any questions or comments or if you need further information.