Library Copywork – Step 4

Interlibrary Loan Using Illiad

  • If you cannot find needed items in any of the campus libraries or online, you may request books and articles through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) using the Illiad system.  Check with your consulting librarian to make sure you’ve looked at all available sources before initiating an ILL request.
  • Steps to register your copywork project with the Illiad system:
    • The student who is responsible for ILL in your project needs to register the project with the Illiad system as a “first time user”.
      • To do this, go to Illiad.   Click on the “First Time User” link at the bottom of the page.  Your UserID will be will be provided by the information desk (your userID includes your journal, year and semester, and followed by your project number, e.g. 2015ULRProj#).   Your password will also be provided by the information desk.
      • When registering, please choose your consulting librarian’s last name for the status field on the registration form.
      • Once the project is registered, any other members of the project can also make ILL requests using the same UserID and password.  All project members making ILL requests will use the same UserID and Password set up for the project. You can get this at the information desk.  Please remember to add your email address if you want to be notified about receipt or cancellation of your request.
  • Once logged onto Illiad, every project member can access photocopy requests online, can track the status of their requests which will avoid duplicate requests, and can receive their requested items more quickly.
  • Remember:
    • Make your ILL requests early to avoid delays.  It can take anywhere from one day up to three weeks for the item to be received.
    • Please make a note in the request form when a Marriott book is not available on the shelf.   Otherwise, your request will be cancelled by the system.
    • Alicia Brillon is your contact for Interlibrary Loan Services.   Telephone: (801) 585-5318   Email:
  • When the ILL item is received:
    • Books will be placed on the “Hold” shelf at the information desk on level one and you will be notified by an email generated by Illiad.  Check out your ILL books by signing your checkout slip.
    • Articles in PDF form will be delivered to the web and you may access the articles by logging on to your  project account.
  • A due date will be printed or written on the book band.  All ILL items need to be returned to the information desk on level one before the due date. You may renew items only once through ILLiad. Contact Laura Ngai if you need extensions or additional renewals.