Library Copywork – Step 2

Information Desk 

Registering and Checking Out Copywork Projects


  • A consulting reference librarian MUST be assigned to your project before you can register it at the information desk on level one.  See Step 1.
  • Completely fill out this Copywork Project Registration Form.  (Persons named on this form will be held responsible for tasks indicated and will be the contact person unless informed otherwise).  Submit the form online or print it out and take it to the circulation desk.
  • A copywork project number will be assigned to your article at this time.  This number will be used as a tracking ID for many aspects of your project. (Including your ILL registration ID).
  • Retrieve items from your cite list (see Step 3).  Bring all items to the information desk on level one to be checked out to the project.  Law Library items will be checked out to the project and given cards, non-law library items will be given a card but are the responsibility of the individual who requested or retrieved them.  Speak with someone at the desk if you need a cart.
  • Note: The following high-use materials may not be checked out to copy work projects except by permission of your consulting reference librarian:

– State statutes                           – State admin. codes

– United States Code                – CFR

– United States Reports          – Supreme Court Reporters

– Reserve items                         – Reference Items

  • After a project is checked out, bring your cart of books to a designated copywork location  on level five.  Only items that have been checked out should be on carts.
  • If a project is outstanding at the time of the due date, Circulation will contact you to review your projected completion date and renew project for an extended time period if needed.


Note:  We have no control over the due dates of other lending libraries, including Marriott and Eccles libraries.  Persons responsible for these materials must renew and return these items in a timely manner.  If you need to photocopy or scan a borrowed item so you may return it on-time, Copy/Scan Codes are available to all copyworkers (at the circulation desk) to prevent fines from accruing on time sensitive materials.

  • When the project is completed, make sure your items are checked in at the information desk.  The person assigned responsibility for re-shelving books can do so once items are checked in. Do not re-shelve books until they have been checked back into the system.


Any questions on the above policies and procedure can be directed to Felicity Murphy