Departments & Staff




Virginia Beane Director of Finance & Administrative Services 801-581-3738
Melissa Bernstein Library Director & Professor of Law 801-581-3386
Alicia Brillon Head of Acquisitions, Gov Docs & Doc Delivery 801-585-5318
Dan Burn Technical Services Supervisor in Serials & Preservation 801-585-3380
Valeri Craigle Head of Technical Services & Digital Initiatives 801-585-5475
Suzanne Darais Associate Director 801-585-3074
Maura Fowler Head of Circulation, Building & Maintenance 801-581-6296
Yuka James Accountant 801-585-3554
Cynthia Lane Executive Assistant 801-581-5050
Kerry Lohmeier Reference and Instruction Librarian 801-585-5064
Ross McPhail Faculty Services Librarian 801-581-5838
Laura Ngai Inter-Library Loan/Document Delivery 801-581-3804
David Silva Administrative Assistant 801-581-4484
Linda Stephenson Head of Information Access Services 801-581-5800
Lee Warthen Head of Collection Management 801-581-5344