Elder Law Clinic

Elder Law Clinic

Available to: 2nd and 3rd year students

Elder Law Clinic Guidelines

Clinic forms for students

The Elder Law Clinic introduces students to current legal and policy issues and options affecting older persons.  Students work in a wide variety of settings in which the issues facing the elderly arise.  The Elder Law Course provides a forum for students to share their experiences and explore these issues in greater depth.

Course: Elder Law (2 cr., graded, previously offered Fall 2012) Introduces students to the broad range of legal and policy issues and options affecting older persons.  Among others, topics covered include aging in America, special ethical issues when representing the elderly, public and private retirement plans, Medicare, Medicaid, planning for incapacity, guardianship, elder abuse, health care, end of life issues, housing, and international aspects of elder law.


Lawyering Skills Survey (3 cr., graded, offered every semester), if the placement is taken as a Civil Clinic with Utah Legal Services.  (See Civil Clinic on this website.)

Placements:  (2 – 5 cr., P/F) with a variety of governmental and non-profit agencies, possibly including the Utah Division of Aging and Adult Services, the Utah Commission on Aging, and the Senior Lawyer Volunteer Project division of Utah Legal Services.

Faculty: TBD

Registration & Placement: Students may enroll in the course online. To enroll in the clinic, students must complete the Clinical Program Application Form. Students will then consult with Professor Smith regarding their placement.

LAW 7080-001: Elder Law                     Fall (2 credits):  Previously offered Fall 2012

LAW 7952-001: Elder Law Clinic          Every Semester (2 – 5 credits) with prerequisite course

The placement at Utah Legal Services is also available as part of the Civil Clinic, with an opportunity to work in the area of elder law.

Additional work will apply to the Pro Bono Initiative certificate.