Disability Law Clinic

Disability Law Clinic

Available to: 2nd and 3rd year students

Disability Law Clinic Guidelines

Clinic Forms for Students

The Disability Law Clinic permits students to augment their study in the Disability Law class with work on cases at the Disability Law Center.

Course:  Disability Law (2 cr., graded, Spring) Introduction to the rights of individuals with disabilities, with an emphasis on issues of nondiscrimination. The course will focus primarily on the Americans with Disabilities Act, but we will also address topics arising under other disability rights statutes, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the Fair Housing Amendments Act. We will consider application of these statutes to a wide range of public and private settings, including public accommodations, education, institutionalization, and transportation. Throughout, attention will be paid to the history of discrimination against U.S. citizens with disabilities


Lawyering Skills Survey (3 cr., graded, offered every semester), if the placement is taken as a Civil Clinic with the Disability Law Center.  (See the section on Civil Clinics in this brochure.)

Placement:  (2 – 5 cr., P/F) The Disability Law Center is the state-wide protection advocacy agency funded to represent persons with disabilities in legal cases relating to their disability.  Case work may include public benefits for persons with disability, access, civil rights and educational rights.

Faculty:  Professors Kenneth L. Cannon II and Linda F. Smith

Registration & Placement: To enroll in the clinic, students must complete the Clinical Program Application Form. Students then consult with Professor Smith regarding their preferred placement. Students will then be enrolled in the clinic.  This is a limited-enrollment clinic.

LAW 7290-001: Disability Law                     Spring:  Tues. 3:05 – 5:05 p.m.

LAW 7952-002: Disability Law Clinic          Every semester (2 – 5 credits) with prerequisite course

 This placement is also available as part of the Civil Clinic.

 Additional work here WILL APPLY to the Pro Bono Initiative certificate.