S.J. Quinney College of Law

Celebrating 100 Years of
Legal Education (1913-2013)

Our Mission

Expand the horizons of our students and faculty by encouraging a culture where technology is thoughtfully integrated to enhance learning, research, and service.


  • Develop innovative pedagogies to assess and expedite the students’ mastery of skill and doctrine;

  • Enable students to simulate real-world experiences and apply leadership and decision- making skills;

  • Preserve and maximize the benefits of real-time social interactions and critical thinking in and outside of the classroom;

  • Allow students to transcend the limits of space and time to study law with peers in other schools, provide cross-cultural experiences and exposures, interview and counsel clients in remote locations, and engage in interactive learning and assessment on demand;

  • Facilitate the faculty’s use of SMART classrooms, interactive learning tools, and participation in globally-connected classrooms; and

  • Expand law school pedagogy through technology to build professional training capacity.


  • Create digital libraries to develop and disseminate legal research in order to fill critical knowledge gaps;

  • Identify, attract, connect, and engage world-class experts more efficiently; and

  • Broaden and engage off-site audiences in discussions of the critical issues of our time.


  • Connect faculty more efficiently to deliver service globally;

  • Provide online assistance to those who are unable to afford market-rate legal services; and

  • Store and disseminate digital content through our web law TV station, student writing

    portfolios, and publications.