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Global Justice Think Tank

Global Justice Chibli Mallat-20130912-3Course 7782-1
Justice Through Research: A Think Tank on Global Justice Issues (Year-long)

Students will do research on contemporary global issues in a variety of service partnerships, including (by way of example) a study on corruption in Asia for the UNDP, research for authors of a new book series on the globalization of the U.S. law curriculum, and research and publication of major symposia, including The Role of Values in Counterterrorism (March 2007) and Globalizing Philanthropy (May 2007). Students will work collaboratively on more than one major project (approximately ten- fifteen hours per week) for four co-curricular credits. Professor Chibli Mallat will serve as the primary faculty in charge of supervising the research projects. Year-long, four credits (2 Fall, 2 Spring), ungraded (pass/fail).


Student Directors:
Gage Hansen
Oriene Shin


Jordin Albers
Shruti Bhutani
Jade Fisher
Liesel LeCates
Stephanie Pitcher
Jason Shelton