EDR Blog Year in Review: 2018

By Angela Turnbow What strikes me most at the close of another year for the EDR Blog is the perseverance and determination I see happening in the field of environmental dispute resolution (EDR). Despite the ongoing obstacles encountered—disgruntled parties, stakeholders unwilling to collaborate, or the seeming lack of interest in participation—those involved in EDR and […]

Collaborating on Air Quality: From Pollution to Solution

By Danya Rumore This time of year, one thing seems to be on the mind of just about everyone in the Salt Lake Valley: air quality. Air quality is striking in the fact that pretty much everyone in the Salt Lake Valley agrees it is a problem and wants it to be improved. Yet, despite […]

Energy Siting Can Be Incendiary

By Patrick Field This post originally appeared on Consensus Building Institute’s blog on October 1, 2018. We are reposting it with Patrick Field’s permission. Energy extraction and production have powerfully shaped the American landscape over the last hundred years. Blessed with extraordinary natural resources, among many other attributes, the United States has built the largest […]

Great Salt Lake Stink Tank: Moving a Dialogue on Collaboration Forward

By Skye Sieber and Jaimi Butler for EDRBlog.org Earlier this summer, we attended the Dialogue on Collaboration focused on Great Salt Lake. One prominent theme we heard and that collectively emerged during the individual small group discussions was the lack of (and need for) greater public awareness about the importance of Great Salt Lake. While […]

Can EDR Practices Benefit from Learner-Centered Teaching Strategies?

By CK Miller for EDRBlog.org It’s a lush forest scene: trees surround you, the ground is moist and spongy with moss, and above you stretches a seemingly endless canopy filled with lianas and vines. If I ask you to notice all the different green items in this environment, some would immediately pop out: such as […]

Building Trust with the Public in Your Decision-Making Process

By Leah Jaramillo for EDRBlog.org Public participation can be considered risky or a chore, particularly when an issue or decision is highly technical and requires a lot of education to build understanding. I’ve had technical experts tell me that people just don’t understand the information they are sharing or get focused on technicalities that are […]

Protecting Young Athletes From Poor Air Quality

By Maura Murphy for BioLawToday.org As  summer comes to an end, many Utahns are finding themselves far more concerned about the poor air quality than back-to-school shopping. Air quality is an issue every winter for people living in the Salt Lake area, but this year the problem has appeared far earlier, as large fires in […]

Addressing Complex Issues with Trauma-informed Approaches

By Mary Dumas, Dumas & Associates, Inc. for EDRBlog.org Complexity & Confusion In conditions of complexity, it’s important to remember that data do not make decisions, people do! Complex issues occur at international scales, such as peacemaking post conflict, addressing poverty and migration, as well as locally in terms of homelessness and adaption to climate […]

Fall Break Hours

By Melissa Bernstein for the Faust Library Blog- Next week is Fall Break at the College of Law. Fall Break Hours can be found on the library website. The Reference Desk will be closing at noon on Friday, October 5.

A reflection on my Health Law internship experience

By Carlos Quijada for BioLawToday.org When I started studying law, people asked what type of law was I interested in? My response was usually along the lines of, “I want to practice health law.” After all, it was during my time working in the Public Health Department in Saba (Caribbean Netherlands) that I felt inspired […]