S.J. Quinney College of Law

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Cost of Attendance

First year student cost of attendance budget for the 2014-2015 academic year for on- or off-campus living is:

Resident(on-campus) Resident(off-campus) Non Resident(on-campus) Non Resident(off-campus)
Tuition & Fees $24,918 $24,918 $47,290 $47,290
Room & Board $10,746 $8,802 $10,746 $8,802
Books & Supplies* $4,216 $4,216 $4,216 $4,216
Travel $1,098 $1,098 $1,818 $1,818
Loan Fees $608 $608 $608 $608
Miscellaneous $3,996 $5,040 $3,996 $5,040
Total $45,582 $44,682 $68,674 $67,774

*The Books and Supplies portion of the budget includes the onetime cost incurred for the purchase of a laptop computer. The allocation for that purchase is $2,300.

Do a comparison of your own; for a school with our reputation, the cost is well below the average cost of our peer institutions.  The average debt of the Class of 2012 was $80,608.

Students classified as nonresidents are required to pay nonresident tuition. Under current University of Utah policy, non-residents are able to apply for residency after successfully completing 40 law school credit hours and residing in Utah for the twelve continuous months immediately prior to the first day of class for the academic term in which the student wishes to be considered a resident. To earn 40 credits within 12 months requires attending summer school for ten credits after completing the first year curriculum. Summer school tuition is charged at the in-state rate for all students. More information on residency may be found at http://admissions.utah.edu/apply/residency/. 

A number of programs assist you in financing your legal education, including merit and need-based scholarships, fellowships, summer stipends, loans, and part-time employment. Check out our financial aid page for links to these resources. Tuition information is available at http://fbs.admin.utah.edu/income/tuition/.