Responding to Climate-Related Risks: Why Collaboration is Key

By Hannah Payne for As I write this blog, 13,000 Californians are evacuating their homes to escape wildfires, which are spreading with unprecedented speed due to extremely dry conditions after five years of drought. Here in Utah, much of the state continues to experience drought conditions and water restrictions on the Virgin River have […]

Law Library Gets New Name

By Melissa Bernstein for the Faust Library Blog: The law library has a new name! We are now the James E. Faust Law Library. Our address has changed as well: we are located at 380 South University Street. The collection is still being moved over from our old building. We are tentatively planning to reopen […]

The US 2020 HIV/AIDS Strategy and the Limits of ACA

By Leslie Francis for, originally posted on Harvard Law “Bill of Health” blog. On July 30, the White House announced the updated 2020 HIV/AIDS strategy. The admirable vision of the strategy is that “The United States will become a place where new HIV infections are rare, and when they do occur, every person, regardless […]

Canyonlands Research Center Collaboration, a Student’s Perspective

By Alice de Anguera for The Canyonlands Research Center (CRC) in Southeast Utah is an excellent case study of collaboration between scientists and land managers. I have been studying this venture for my graduate work at Utah State University. CRC’s mission is to conduct research on land use and climate and help create sustainable […]

“I want to exercise my right to die tomorrow”

By Elizabeth Thomas for On a daily basis, we see a fair number of mentally ill clients. Since starting my work with the SAHRC, I’ve read complaints that range from illegible markings on a napkin to eloquent quasi-slam poetry about the patriarchy of educational institutions. You never know where that person is coming from, or whether […]

Law Library Closure

By Melissa Bernstein for the Quinney Library Blog – As of Tuesday, July 28, the law library is closed to everyone. We will reopen in our new facility, date to be determined but not until after the start of the fall semester. You may visit the other libraries on campus – the Marriott Library and […]

Water Diplomacy… in the West?

By Danya Rumore for Throughout the western US, drought conditions have made water a pressing issue on many people’s minds. While the water shortage problem is clear, the solutions are not. But the reality is that there’s only so much we can do because there’s only so much water. Right? Yes and no. Physically […]

Facilitation… or Something More?

By Patrick Field So what is different about facilitation by seasoned environmental conflict resolution (ECR) practitioners? After all, there are countless individuals, small organizations, and staff within large environmental, architecture, and engineering firms who claim they can run meetings. Isn’t facilitation just managing time, summarizing on flip charts, and tracking action items? Clearly, most facilitators […]

Law Library Closure and Move

ATTENTION: The College of Law is moving into the new building during the week of July 12-18. Please be patient as responses to inquiries will be slower. For library services, please read detailed info below: By Melissa Bernstein for the Quinney Library Blog – Library personnel and equipment are being moved as part of the ‘people […]

Let’s Be Honest: Doing Group Processes Right

By Renette Anderson for It seems intuitive: Vocal opposition to an issue? Bring the sides together in a problem-solving group. It’s the best way to resolve an issue. But is it? It depends. If you, as an organizational lead or consultant, have the time and are really willing to entertain multiple points of view […]