website to retire

By Melissa Bernstein for Faust Library Blog: Looking for federal legislative information online?, the online legislative information system, will officially retire July 5, completing the multi-year transition to Read more here:

U.S. Responsibility in the Refugee Crisis

By Nicole Kunzler Pearce for The Syrian/Iraq War has created a refugee crisis unlike any the world has seen. Nearly 5 million Syrians have fled their homes and country.[1] Another 6.6 million remain internally displaced.[2] Bringing the total number of refugees to nearly 11 million individuals living as refugees, half of those being children.[3] […]

Spotlight: Bench to Bedside Competition Night

By Austen Paulsen for This year, the University of Utah’s Center for Medical Innovation (CMI) hosted the 6th annual Bench to Bedside competition on Monday, April 4th.  As patent law fellows for the CMI, Thomas Woodland, Dave Duncan and I worked with many of the competitors, explaining the process of obtaining patent protection on […]

The Dilemma of Anonymous Digital Financial Transactions

By Aenon Johnson for The ability of internet users to conduct anonymous transactions and correspondence brings both benefits and dangers. One area worth specific thought is that of financial transactions. Internet commerce relies almost exclusively on financial institutions’ serving as trusted third parties to process electronic payments.[1] This default third party system inherently suffers […]

Fireside Q & A with Professor Larry Susskind

by Natalie Watkins for  Larry Susskind is the Ford Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning at MIT, the founder of the Consensus Building Institute, and a leading theorist in the field of public sector dispute resolution. On March 30, he met with students and professionals at the University of Utah College of Law for […]

Brown submits comment on CMS proposed rule-making

Professor Teneille Brown submitted a comment on CMS proposed rule-making related to Medicare reimbursement for Part B drugs. Center for Law and Biomedical Sciences fellows Kendra Brown (Class of 2017) and Anikka Hoidal (Class of 2017) provided valuable research assistance. Professor Brown’s comment relates to her research in Denying Death, published recently by the Arizona Law Review. […]

Preservation Week

By Melissa Bernstein for the Faust Library Blog: Preservation Week® this year is observed from April 24-30, 2016. Sponsored by the American Library Association’s Association of Library Collections and Services and partner organizations, Preservation Week inspires actions to preserve personal, family, and community collections in addition to library, museum, and archive collections. It also raises […]

Utah Enacts the Nonpatient Cause of Action

  By Kendra Brown for In the 2016 general session, the Utah Legislature enacted the Nonpatient Cause of Action.[1] This statute recognizes a special legal relationship between healthcare providers and nonpatients in negligence claims.[2] In other words, a person does not need to establish a physician-patient relationship to bring a negligence claim against healthcare […]

Pre-Competitive Collaboration in the Biopharma Industry

by Jorge Contreras for As costs rise and concerns grow about the pace of pharmaceutical innovation, both federal agencies and industry participants have turned to new forms of collaboration to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of biomedical research. Industry participants, many of them competitors, come together to define joint research and development objectives and […]

What I Say vs. What You Hear: Flexing Your Style for Effective Communication

By Heather Adams for It really gets my goat when colleagues do not read my emails. I write amazing emails – with tons of context! Bulleted lists! To-do’s! How dare they not read what I spent so much energy writing? It’s so inconsiderate! And oh, how superior I feel when someone replies with a […]